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Marta Herráez is a metal restorer who after graduation from West Dean College worked for commercial conservation practices such as Plowden Smith, Colin Bowles Ltd., auction houses (Bonhams and Christies), antique dealers and private collectors. She later became part of the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) conservation team as an object conservator. She has extensive experience working with archaeological objects (medals, vases, dishes), decorative art, jewellery, silverware, and armoury.

Treatment of the objects could involve some of the following steps:
- Technical evaluation: assessment, documentation, transport, storage
- Stabilization: chloride removal (bronze disease), oxidation
- Structural consolidation: soldering (soft, hard), welding (laser Starwell)
- Cleaning: manual, chemical or mechanical (e.g Laser cleaning with laser
   type Nd:YAG Q-switched system)
- Reconstruction of missing parts
- Colouring, patination and gilding
- Protective coatings

Full assessments will be given to the client and any treatment agreed prior to the start of any work. Owners will be also advised about the future care and handling of the object, as preservation is a key factor to secure the wellbeing of the work of art. Condition & Treatment reports can be provided upon request.


Marta is available for private commissions at her central London studio.

She also undertakes projects further afield.

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